Wood counter shutter

Our wood counter shutter slats, guides and optional hood are fabricated of hand-selected wood. Shutters are provided unfinished, allowing you to match the shutter to established design elements. The result is a counter shutter that complements the interior aesthetics in a variety of applications. The wood counter shutters are constructed of high-quality flat slats for a good tight fit and enhanced aesthetics.

  • Standard Max Width 12’
  • Standard Max Height 8’
  • Unfinished wood slats: 1 3/4" (16mm) high by 1/2" (13mm) thick
  • Wide variety of wood

Customize With Options

Several options are available to further customize our wood counter shutters to meet specific aesthetic and functional requirements. In addition to the choice of wood species, you can specify an optional hood. Crank operation or motor operation are also available as options, and the optional cylinder locks enhance security.