Commercial electric operators


Bray-Dor offers you the commercial and industrial door operators for sustainable and safe operation of your garage doors. The door operators adapt to your needs and facilitate your daily operations.

Sliding door operators

Bray-Dor sliding door operators ensure continuous operation of commercial, industrial and fire doors. They have many options to facilitate the operations of your garage doors, such as pushbuttons, programmable timers, visibility lights or built-in radio receivers.

Jackshaft operators

The JackShaft operators adapt to many types of commercial and industrial garage doors, ensuring a continuous and reliable belt operation. They offer several features and options to meet your needs in terms of safety and durability.

Automatic gate operators

Bray-Dor offers you the automatic gate operators for use on commercial and industrial gates and simple or bi-parting sliding doors. They provide a continuous belt operation and offer excellent reliability, durability and safety.

Trolley operators

Bray-Dor offers the Trolley operators to ensure continuous and reliable operation in many applications of commercial and industrial garage doors with standard lift tracks. Operators offer several command and security options to meet your needs.